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Think Railways represents a unique platform for sharing railway business intelligence, for connecting railway thought leaders & innovative ideas and for building railway brands. Think Railways fosters better decision making by providing comprehensive information on Central and Eastern European railway markets and rest of the world.

The RZD-Partner is the leading transport business edition in Russia. It has been published since 1998. The main objective of the magazine is to meet the information needs of transport market players and guide the readers through the major events and trends of the sector.

RZD-Partner project includes:

  • RZD-Partner magazine in Russian (circulation of 15 000 copies)
  • The RZD-Partner magazine in English (circulation of 7 000 copies)
  • The RZD-Partner magazine in Chinese (circulation of 3 600 copies)
  • RZD-Partner.Ru and RZD-Partner.Com Information Agency

The Magazine for European Rail Decision Makers

EURAILmag keeps you up to speed on all the news and events in Europe’s railway transport industry. Developments in legislation, regulations and standards, the economic situation, advanced technologies, innovative solutions, new trends and current issues… we deliver the information in the form of technical articles and with interviews with key players in the field.

FerPress is a news agency specialized on issues related to railways, local public transport, logistics and in general about all that revolves around the world of rail transport.
This daily newsletter was born in 2010 with the intention of illustrating the big changes the industry is experiencing, but also the many events, both large and small, that normally media are not interested in but are relevant for the insiders, instead.
PROTransport (play on words in Russian between ’About Transport’ and ’PROfessional Transport’) is published by the Social Programmes Implementation Foundation, the organizer of the Golden Chariot international transport award. The magazine with a circulation of 5,000 copies is intended for top level politicians and transport professionals (leaders of transport companies and businesses, city mayors, governors, national and local administrations etc.). The magazine appears 6 times a year, plus one special edition annually on a selected subject.

PROTransport still is published in Russian, but Golden Chariot has plans to switch over to its English version in 2014.
Railvolution is Europe’s leading rail trade and industry magazine. Its comprehensive focus is on railway technology and techniques, vehicles, operations and infrastructure. It primarily covers the whole of the European market, but also embraces that of of Russia and the CIS countries. Each number of Railvolution (six per annum) has a circulation of around 20,000 copies. The magazine’s readership comprises rail industry technical and managerial staff from both state and private operators, rail vehicle manufactures and their suppliers, rail research and development institutes, infrastructure managers and public authorities. Railvolution has a unique and innovative publishing layout, the emphasis being on both high quality visual graphics and concise reading content. Each number comes complete with an A2 colour poster featuring one of the most recent products of the railway industry.