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The Golden Chariot International Award



The Golden Chariot international transport Award is a contest for those who are associated with transport and infrastructure all over the world. The Golden Chariot rewards organizations, companies and people worldwide with the biggest contributions to the industry. It brings together transport operators of all modes, transport infrastructure, maintenance, support and logistic companies, transport-related education and legislation organizations, mass media, associations and unions, prominent transport professionals who contributed the most to the development of the transport sector and its branches.

The idea behind the Golden Chariot was to set up an international award of the Transport Oscar status that would be presented by the sector, and for the sector.

Golden Chariot was initially started in 2004 as a national transport award of Russia, established under the auspices of the Transport Committee of the RF Parliament (State Duma) and the RF Ministry of Transport. In the first few years, the Award presentation ceremonies were held as high level events at the Palace of Congresses of the Moscow Kremlin. With time it became increasingly clear that, by nature of the transportation work, such a transport award could not stay within the limits of any single country or be further developed under the umbrella of any particular parliament or ministry. Among the winners of Golden Chariot, there appeared top-rated international and even transnational transport organizations. The geography of the Golden Chariot award presentation ceremonies started to cover new capitals and new countries.

In 2010 Golden Chariot has gained an international status of a growing importance. Years that followed have proved that the transport sector of economy worldwide highly appreciates the establishment of such an international award attracting more and more transport-related businesses. During the ten years since its establishment, Golden Chariot grew up to become a true and unique Transport Oscar of the World.

At present, its winners in various categories are over 700 companies, organizations and individuals from 57 countries from Europe, Asia, America, the Middle East and the CIS countries. The Award presentation ceremonies were held in such cities as Istanbul, Moscow, Geneva, Dubai, Odessa, Prague, Tel-Aviv, Gdańsk, Berlin and Budapest. Forthcoming 2014 events are scheduled to be conducted in Trieste, Moscow, Sydney, Berlin and San Francisco.

Golden Chariot is organized by the Social Programmes Implementation Foundation headquartered in Moscow. Its highest decision making body is the Presidium presently comprised of 16 top-level prominent names in the transport sector. The list of nominations is set up, and the Award winners are proposed by the Expert Council made of recognized transport professionals representing different transport segments of different countries. The Golden Chariot Award winners are also named by transport unions and associations, as well as transport authorities from the countries represented at the Golden Chariot World map.

The Golden Chariot events offer a good networking and experience-sharing platform for high level transport managers and industry people, and receive wide coverage in mass media and TV in the country of conduct of the award presentation ceremony. They usually attract from 200 to 300 participants and guests, and are often timed to important international transport seminars, conferences, congresses and exhibitions.