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Ivan Petrov – FIATA WG Rail Chairman

Keynote speaker presentation on the use of the FIATA Multimodal Bill of Lading

Session 1: New rail logistics concept in multimodal transport
Moderator: Eric Guenther - UIC

In this first session, guest speakers will engage in panel discussions on the key levers which shape the development of the economy and of the transport industry. In addition, speakers will be sharing with the audience case studies of success towards the multimodality and why multimodality, partnerships and cooperation of the players of the chain are essential. Speakers will provide insights into how the transport sector embraces innovative concepts, technologies and energy sources to pursue the ultimate goal of achieving a sustainable, customer-oriented and efficient system.

Invited speakers:
Carlo Vaghi, FIT Consulting involved in the Clusters 2.0 EU project (H2020 finding programme)
Tbd, Rail Cargo Group-TransAnt, concept presentation
Niklas Galonske, HaCon, Presentation of the Rail Facilities Portal
Harald Jony, Wiencont Container Terminal GmbH, Focus on Innovations: HELROM

14:30-14:45 Coffee break/Networking

Presentation on UIC 2018 Report on Combined Transport in Europe

15:00 – 16:00
Session 2: How to make the Best Use of Rail Freight Corridor Services – Strengths and Opportunities to the market
Moderator: Ivan Petrov, FIATA WG Rail Chairman

In the second session the speakers will engage in panel discussions on the last mile and cross border capacity, first mile and last mile issue, costs, lack of investment in last-mile infrastructures, development of medium and small sized terminals, logistic centres, re-routing in case of an emergency situation, and how to handle passenger and freight on one corridor.

Invited speakers:
Emanuele Mastrodonato, Scan Med Corridor Managing Director, innovative modal shift and latest updates on the Scan Med Corridor
Lieven Goethals LINEAS, New business developments on international traffic and corridors
Bernd Weisweiler, TX Logistics, business development from railway and intermodal operator point of view on corridors
Zuhal Nalbant, DB Netz AG, Business development on corridors
Federica Montaresi, President of La Spezia Shunting Railways and ScanMed Terminal Advisory Group Speaker, Investments on last mile infrastructure.

Drinks reception at the invitation of UIC/FIATA