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The Market Place Seminar will be a significant event in the rail freight calendar 2010. Top executives of the railways undertakings and important decision makers will be participating in this appealing event.

Speakers include:

- Manuel Acero, CEO, RENFE Freight
- Sylvie Charles, CEO, Fret SNCF
- Santiago Martín, General Manager, TP Ferro
- Jose Luis González, Chief Land Operations, Port of Barcelona
- Philippe Le Petit, CEO, Naviland Cargo
- Michael Diehl, Director Railway Industry, SAP
- Edgar Pineda, Commercial Director, TERCAT- Hutchinson
- Ignasi Ragás, Director General, CIMALSA
- Javier Dietta, Commercial Director, Pecovasa
- Pierre Enderle, Chairman, STVA
- Miguel Angel Duro, Commercial Director, TCB Railway Terminal
- David Kerr, Commercial Director, DB Schenker Rail UK
- Fabio Consolo, Director Foreign Markets, Trenitalia
- Jokin Letamendia, Key Account Manager, RAILSIDER
- Joan Amorós, Secretariat General, FERRMED Association
- Mariano Fernández, Chairman, ATEIA-OLT
- Oliver Sellnick, Freight Director, UIC